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So you are getting married and you need a wedding photographer. Hi I’m Jez. According to the research geeks, I now have around 7 seconds to grab your attention, during which time your intuition will tell you whether its worth hanging around or not.  With that in mind the images above are just a teeny snapshot of my work and this is my wedding photography site.

As far as I see it, its pretty simple, my job is to shoot some mighty fine photos of you guys having a wonderful time on your big day. In an ideal world, your would prefer to not really notice me being there. An invisible witness almost, but more importantly, its your day and its about you and what style or look you like. One wedding photographers’ approach can work for Mary but not Mia, and vice-versa, so the best advice I could offer is to follow your heart. If you love what you see it stands to reason you will love your own wedding photos. And thats all that counts. Your wedding, your choice.

There is a real myriad of options out there now, and you may well be bamboozled with buzz words such as ‘natural’, ‘unobtrusive’ and ‘relaxed’, however whilst I admit they are relevant, I think ‘documentary with a splash of WOW!’ would be my best cheesy tagline when it comes to addressing the ‘ how would you describe your style? ‘ question. Simply put:

“I shoot your day for 95% of the time without intrusion or direction (the documentary)
The only time you know I am shooting is when we take photos of the two of you (the WOW!)”

This way you get the best of both worlds. You get left alone to enjoy your day without being interrupted by yours truly, and you also get the opportunity to spend a few stolen moments together.

I’m not particularly influenced by trend; I prefer quality over quantity, stye over substance and believe there is is always a place for the timeless, especially when it’s combined with a quirky individualism.

So be my guest, put your feet up, grab a glass of something cold and a take a nose around my site to confirm that my style matches your way of seeing. My portfolio is a more general showcase of handpicked images whereas latest offers a slightly deeper insight showing my most recent work and musings. The ‘how much does this guy charge?’ issue is addressed in the pricing & contact page. There is also a choice of kind words and soundbites from previous clients and reputable publications to help offer further insight.

For those of you on your coffee break/in a meeting/or squashed up on the tube you can get a quick snapshot by checking out my Instagram feed by clicking the icon on the left (hidden in that funky menu icon =) or by scrolling down to my most recent work below. For the more extensive list of recent shoots just pop over here.

So, thats the top and tail of it. Many thanks for popping by. With a bit of luck and following wind, you will have decided that yes, my work does indeed stand up and that I don’t actually sound like too much of a numpty to have around on your wedding day.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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Documentary Wedding Photography With a Splash of WOW!

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