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Esha & Madhav – Wedding at Tom’s Kitchen…

…and Chelsea Town Hall, and Surrey earlier in the year, plus another two to follow in India! Esha and Madhav sure know how to make sure 2015 is a memorable one for them on all things wedding. Sooper dooper sunshine accompanied the Chelsea leg of the celebrations so we were able to enjoy a meander around the smart streets of the ‘hood before heading into Tom’s Kitchen for some rather nice mocktails and lunch. They never disappoint at Chelsea Town Hall, always on their game and always ready to make the official part of the day as enjoyable for all as possible. Roger the registrar was as ebullient as ever, especially on hearing the poem ‘Love – a five star review’ which had been penned especially for the occasion by Esha’s trusty lady in waiting Dharshi so keep an eye out for it on ipoem!

As for Tom and his kitchen, well the food  looked and smelled jolly nice and the wedding party seemed to be having a high old time, so I would presume he knows his onions as you would expect. Esha & Madhav held court as only they can and I came away from my brief encounter feeling rather chuffed for them that day two of their celebrations had been a roaring success.