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September 5, 2012

No, the sky in the shot above hasn’t had extra blue/black touched in, it really was that dark! They say its lucky if it rains on your wedding day, so Amy & Olly are due some huge slices of luck as the heavens opened & closed, and then did so a few more times. Remarkably they managed to saunter through the Cambridgeshire countryside on their way back from church with the hood down, whilst the rest of the wedding party was dashing for cover back at the reception.

Amidst the ‘four seasons in one day’ theme, Olly banged out a couple of numbers, Spencer tinkled the ivories and the wedding party went all Bollywood on us with a spectacular dance routine to kick off the evening celebrations. Amy took the whole thing in her stride and managed to keep her tears to a minimum, whereas Olly, well Olly spoke from the heart, and ensured that the ‘real men do cry’ line will be one he holds on to for years to come.

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