wedding in sunny sussex


Georgie & William – Wedding in Sunny Sussex

And a wedding in Sunny Sussex it certainly was. Never in doubt! Never did it cross anyones mind in the weeks preceding Georgie & Williams wedding that the fields wouldn’t be dry enough and the sun wouldn’t be hot enough! Phew! I would imagine that at one stage Georgie’s parents did think about switching the whole day to their holiday home which sits in hotter climes. It mattered not anyway because as you can see we have the most fabulous day and an English country garden wedding deserves a fabulous day. Drinks outside, speeches outside, photos outside! I would imagine that not long after I left there would have been some dancing outside as well.

Georgie looked delightful, a true English rose and William spent most of the day looking like he the cat that had got the cream, and amen to that. The vicar got some names wrong a la Rowan Atkinson in Four Weddings and a Funeral, but it mattered not one jot, he was such a darn good chap ( I know, the vicar) you wouldn’t hear any criticism from those in attendance. Most refreshing to have a vicar with a sense of humour and also one that recognises that weddings are a celebration as much as they are a ceremony.

The Bootleggers provided musical support after some entertaining speeches and what looked like a rather sumptuos feast based around local ingredients and the shot bar got, well, shot! All in all an excellent day with some fine company. Most agreeable.

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