Wedding at The Savoy

wedding at the savoy

Wedding at The Savoy – Camille & Bernard

Any wedding at The Savoy is a bit special, but when you have travelled half way round the world to see your daughter/sister/friend get married there you can understand why the place will hold a place in hearts all the way back beaches of Monserrat. There was I thinking we were enjoying a hot day (we were) only to be told by a few guests that is was positively mild for them, nothing to worry about until you hit 40 degrees I understand ( I would melt I think). Anyway, talking of melting (cheesy link there but hey it works) Bernard was the one doing as such on seeing his beautiful Camille arrive at the altar and why not, she looked beautiful. Bit of a dude is our Bernard, nice and chilled, you get the impression not a lot fazes him but put Camille next to him and he is putty in your hand LOL.

Sometimes when you shoot a wedding you can be lucky enough to just quietly watch and capture. No real need to get involved, just observe, shoot and move. The way it should be, let everyone be themselves and concentrate on enjoying their day whilst you get to go about your business doing your thing. It may well have been some of that Caribbean air had descended on London town for a few hours but whatever it was it was nice, real nice.

Ceremony and photos done, it was time to retire upstairs for some of Gordon Ramseys finest fayre, but not before some speeches please. Led by best man Ashley and starting with Camilles Father (after Grace ) we had a wide range of choices when it came to which speech was favourite. Could it have been Michaels heartfelt amble through the mechanics of a wonderful sister and how to choose the perfect man? or could it have been some of Bernards pals trying to dish some dirt on our dude. It mattered not, as all of us married men know, there is only one to be listened too and thats your good lady!

Thanks as always to Victoria & Bart at The Savoy

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