wedding photography 2018

January 31, 2018

wedding photography 2018

Wedding Photography 2018

So what happened to 2017? Well, rather than churn out the tried and tested highlights of the previous year package which seems standard issue amongst us wedding photographers, I thought I would pen a few words about 2018. What do you close your eyes and wish for? What is top of your ‘to-do’ list and how many of your resolutions will you conquer? Don’t get me wrong 2017 was a fantastic year filled with some wonderful weddings (any one of which can be seen just here) and even better clients but equally for those of you ‘fresh’ to the blog I thought it would be nice to say Hello also and welcome to 2018. If you are getting married and have already booked then Yippee I look forward to providing you all with some fab images and if you are still in the planning stages and just having a poke around then please feel free to ping over any questions you might have and hopefully we can get you booked in.

..a wedding is a wedding is a wedding..

From my own perspective there is plenty to get the juices flowing as always. Trips to Spain, Hungary and Germany are already in place alongside an abundance of London weddings and some rather fine sojourns into the English countryside to maintain a healthy balance and opportunities to see parts of blighty I’ve not yet ticked off. One of the biggest benefits of being a photographer is the variety of landscapes you get to ply your trade in. I appreciate that some folk would say a wedding is a wedding is a wedding and in most cases your are shooting a love story but your characters change, the stories change and the whilst the outcome is usually two becoming one, there are always differences that keep you on your toes whilst shooting. It can be something as subtle as the detail sewn into your dress or simply the treasured relationship you have with your Mother. All these nuances need to be noticed, they need to be recorded and they need to be photographed because thats when your day becomes yours. Thats when it becomes unique.

So here’s looking forward to a wonderful year full of unique stories, characters, laughter and fun. Hard work also comes into play but thats my responsibility not yours. And as my Father-in-law reminds me frequently “if you enjoy what you do, you will never work another day in your life”.

Have a great 2018!


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