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March 30, 2017


wedding outfits for guests


Wedding Outfits For Guests – Vogue Advice

Its ‘fairly’ easy as a guy to choose what your wedding outfit is going to be as tradition states that a suit is the accepted sartorial presentation on someones big day. Recently, and seemingly more frequently there seems to be a pursuasion towards a more casual approach, but by and large the chances are that most of your male guests will rock up in a suit of some form. When it comes to the ladies however, this really is a hotchpotch of ‘whats’, ‘maybes’ and ‘how do I looks’ and I would never consider myself appropriately qualified to offer any form of advice over than that of knowing what works and what doesn’t. Lucky for you girls then that you have the sage advice of such a legendary fashion ‘eye’ as Vogue to fall back on, and they have offered it just here.  So with wedding season just starting its engines for this years ride it may well be worth checking out what the fashionestas with authority would recommend. I look forward to shooting some of your stylish wedding guests this year, whatever form that takes.

As for the guys, I would always doff my cap to those who create and design for a living. Obviously it depends largely on your budget but there really is a plethora of choice out now now in a variety of colours and cuts. If it was me, and I had the pennies, I would look at Timothy Everest Bespoke or even his ready to wear collection as a source of inspiration and guidance and if was buying ‘off the peg’ Sir Paul Smith rarely gets it wrong and does English with a twist extremely well.

I would add by way of a footnote and caveat, I am merely posting this to help either you or your wedding guests in the right direction when it comes to your threads for the big day. I am a photographer first and foremost and a lot of the time my style advice is given courtesy of my 10 year old and 14 year old daughters!


best wedding guest outfits

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