Wedding At The Savoy


Wedding At The Savoy – Hayley & Bradley

What better way than to kick spring off than with a family wedding at the Savoy. Hayley & Bradley and their three rather wonderful boys looked just about as smart and sassy as it gets for the big day. Ably assisted by their respective mothers who acted as valets for the day ensuring that every box was ticked when it came to the wardrobe department. Now, if you are going to celebrate your wedding at the savoy, you really do need to ensure that you shine and Hayley (and Bradley) did just that as they zipped through the lounge to the sound of oohs and ahhs coming from the afternoon tea takers  and cocktail shakers as they watched the world go by.

Friends they had as guests mainly. loads of them, proper friends as well, you know the sort that give you big hugs and manly slaps on the back when they greet you. Friends that also have stories, stories to tell of years gone by, of silly haircuts and mad outfits worn in your youth. Perhaps this was part of the reason Bradley chose his eldest Finlay to be his best man, for he had stories given to him by his Dad of dates with Beyonze, studying at Oxford University and playing football for England (this was is actually true!). Either way though you must doff your cap to young Finlay as he delivered his speech with great aplomb. Its no small feat that, standing up in front of your Mum & Dad’s pals and holding court for some 7 minutes or so.

Party time was left in the hands of Bradleys’ pal Austin and his band who by the sounds of things had plans to get this groovy gang going well into the night.

Thanks must go to Greta and her team who were on hand to ensure all went well Savoy Style


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