wedding at the grove

wedding at the grove

Wedding at The Gove – Gemma & Ben

For Gemma & Ben’s wedding at The Grove I think its fair to say they had all the boxes ticked when it came to ensuring that it was going to be a party to remember. They even looked after the football results for the weekend. Half the wedding were happy because Arsenal were dispatching with Bournemouth while the bridal preparations were taking place and the other happy were already happy because Spurs had put local team Watford away some 24 hours earlier. A good start then which just got better really. The sun (remember that) even popped its head out for an hour or so to grace Gemma’s window whilst she was getting ready so all was set for a fab day.

It was jolly handy shooting this wedding at The Grove because whilst Gemma was quietly and patiently waiting in the bedecking room, just down the corridor Ben was enjoying his Tish, so yours truly could zip in and out at will to capture their respective and quite different last minute doings before Ben arrived to see his bride. Quite emotional moments these, and you are very aware that you are capturing times that will be treasured evermore. Under the chuppah and a quick check through Ben’s legs to catch Gemma arriving and we were ready to roll.

As with most Jewish weddings they don’t stop. They seem to go from one pocket of joy and celebration to another and they NEVER run late. We had the kids from fame doing a surprise song as well as some rapturous rapping from the best men. ¬†The cake was homemade by Gemma’s young niece ( bookings now being taken I believe) and the Gilev showband ensured as always that the the dance floor was brimming with family and friends just having a mighty fine time. Hopefully Gemma & Ben had time to take a breath and watch for while, it really was a worthy spectacle.

Thanks to Hannah who was on hand to steer the good ship party n the right direction.

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