Wedding at St Brides

October 4, 2016

wedding at st brides

Wedding at St Brides – Emma & Matt

It may well be a pre-requisite of any wedding at St Brides, but they certainly do get some jolly fine peeps celebrating their nuptials there and Emma and Matt were a perfect case in point. Nice and chilled as well as being wonderful company, a finer Saturday afternoon in town would be hard to find. Having already done the do (the wedding) on the previous Thursday, Emma & Matt pretty much laid everything on themselves for the big family and friends part of the week. Ably assisted by Jaimie from St Brides’, they managed to tick just about every box required when it comes to hosting a wedding, thus ensuring that a personal touch was evident throughout.

Post feast, and with speeches recorded, guests were called for adjournment to the adjacent room to witness and partake in some Bollywood style dance moves. I’ve seen an array of these along the way, and I must say there are few more fun and energetic sights to see. You’ll have the girls who pretend they can’t do it but secretly can, and you’ll have the guys who just can’t do it but pretend they can. Its a sort of truism. If you can imagine whats its like to change a light bulb whilst patting the dog, moving sideways and paying homage to Usain Bolt, you will be well on your way to becoming a fully fledged Bollywood dancing instructor. Mind you, if you if your imagination stretches to understanding my description, then you will probably be able to achieve much more than this anyway. Either way, and whether they could execute the moves with aplomb or not (and I wouldn’t know anyway) they all had a dam good effort. Not least Matt, who at one stage was concentrating so hard on getting it right, I thought he was going to get a sketch book out to remember the moves.

It was actually a perfect reflection of Emma & Matt as a couple really. Jolly good fun, great to be in the company of and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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