Wandsworth Town Hall Wedding

August 31, 2017

wandsworth town hall wedding

Wandsworth Town Hall Wedding – Dasha & Ludo

A Wandsworth town hall wedding with possibly my favourite name combination of all time. Dasha & Ludo! How Fab!  Add Miso (their schnauser dog) into the mix and that compliments the trio wonderfully. Much like real life I suspect as although Miso wasn’t allowed to Wandsworth town hall for the wedding, he did have a ticket for the ensuing honeymoon! So we had Dasha & the dashettes getting ready downstairs and Ludo and his buddies upstairs. Miso was on the stairs. The house was full to bursting, the guys had to break, they needed eggs, bacon and posh tea! (ok, that was me for the tea, the guys sampled the hipster coffee along with an expresso martini) so we hotfooted it down to one of the local funky eateries. The guys stayed with their Martinis and I zipped back to Dasha and the girls for the continuation of the preps. Now we had a baby! A baby appeared in the time I had popped around the corner and back! No worries though, Miso was in charge and she was looking after that particular little button.

Once all done and dusted and ready to roll we hit the town hall (minus Miso) for ceremony time. Only requirements were just two to get married, four to witness and one to shoot it. Add in the two to conduct it and this was weddings at its simple best. There would have been more guests I suspect (as they are actually jolly nice and I imagine they do have more friends and family) but they had not actually told anyone about he wedding. This was going out post lunch via a WhatsApp message to all their cronies who were to be invited to an impromptu wedding party that evening. Quite wonderful really!


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