Vineyard Wedding

vineyard wedding

Vineyard Wedding – Annabel & Jack

A vineyard wedding in the UK? There can’t be many of those in the diary thats for sure, however if you are going to celebrate your wedding vineyard styley then best you arrange some decent weather to add that splash of authenticity to proceedings. Jack had one task. Arrange the weather. Job done. Next. Never in doubt he would say but when you think we were just into April and its not unheard of to have snow in Blighty, it was pretty remarkable. One would have been forgiven for reaching out for a bottle of factor 50 to accompany your bottle of bubbles.

Weather aside (why are we obsessed with the weather on this little island of ours?) everything else seemed to be the domain of Bel. We’ll call her Bel from now on I think because that’s what most of her nearest and dearest call her and we deal in nearest and dearest in this parish so Bel it is. Although saying that I did hear Tiggy mentioned a few times I think. Either way what a party Annabel/Tiggy/Bel put together folks. Aside from the chitty-chitty bang bang car and sister-created rice crispie cake, there were plenty of references to bubbles, laughter and family, and even a cameo appearance from ex England cricket star James Taylor offering thanks to Jack for his bromance style support over the years. And not even one joke about Jack bowling his maiden over! Cheese must be dead! Long live the cheese!

So, Bel & Jack got married. They clearly love each bundles. They clearly know how to have a party and they really are the true illustration of ‘life lovers’. What more do you need to know. Sometimes weddings just go bang and this one did. Whoever lit the blue touch paper in the morning did a sterling job because there wasn’t one moment when the pace abated or the laughter dwindled. As for the dancing, well you can see for yourself how that panned out. We even had a resident ‘throw you around and fling you up in the air whether you want to or not guy’ on hand for any of the ladies didn’t seem to mind such a service. Dam good fun all round in mighty fine company. A splendid way to start the wedding season indeed.

Special thanks in the direction of Bel & Jack for allowing me to coerce them into the Rapeseed field next door, taking in climbing barbed wire fences and five bar gates, not to mention the hay-fever allergy alert. I blame Georgie of Georgie & William fame, it was her idea!