Victoria & Ben – Windsor Wedding

May 11, 2010

 HRH didn’t actually show her face on Saturday at Victoria & Ben’s wedding in Windsor, but she was kind enough to allow us to wander around her backyard for some photographs! One legend who did turn up however, was Elvis Smelvish who turned in a star performance which kicked off  with him singing ‘Love me Tender’ for the first dance.

Surrounded by friends and family (including 19 very well behaved children!) these  guys had a ball, and it was a testament to those aforementioned children, including Alfie & Hedy, that it all ran so smoothly. It emerged in Sion’s speech that Ben has actually met The Queen before,and he kept her nattering for longer than protocol allows. Maybe if she had popped over they could have carried on their chat!.  Alas, we had Elvis, who did a stellar job entertaining everyone before, inevitably…………..he left the building.

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