Savoy London Wedding

savoy london wedding

Savoy London Wedding – Faye & John

I don’t think there are many (if any) weddings I have photographed where we have been privy to speeches from four generations.¬†At Saturdays’ Savoy Wedding for Faye & John we had Jack at 12 years old (Sister Ella-slightly older), John, about my age, probably a tad younger, Faye’s dad a tidge older than me and Grandad as the eldest, all speaking with great aplomb. If it had been a competition then Jack would have to take first prize as its quite a feat for any 12 year old to stand up a talk in front of ‘strangers’. And to make them laugh as well. Grandad would have been in the running but he would have been disqualified for repeating his funny bits and staging a semi-sit in meaning Faye’s dad had to assume the role of security leading him back to his seat! All jolly good fun though, and mighty fine to see two families coming together in such good spirits. Winston Churchill and his ‘other club’ members would have been proud to see such a celebration taking place in the very same spot he and his peers used to ‘chill’.

Evening entertainment offered a choice of idle chit chat, some soulful and rather wonderful singing, and some good old fashioned wedding tunes courtesy of Mr DJ. You can’t beat floor fillers at weddings. Your taste can be as eclectic and obscure as you wish, but when it comes to a wedding, the floor fillers win hands down. Period. We even had a stint of “Michael Flattley” from John to much cheer from the Irish sections before a sort of ‘allsorts’ routine took place including anyone who could wave their arms basically. I think the choreographer must have been on tea break for that one, but no such hiatus for Faye and her smiles. There, all day long, without a break, and shining through.

Team Victoria as always make it a darn good wedding to shoot at The Savoy so thanks are due in their direction.


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