Intimate Wedding At The Savoy


Intimate Wedding at The Savoy – Ciara & Adam

An intimate wedding at The Savoy pretty much ticks all the boxes when it comes to the simplicity of being surrounded by your nearest and dearest in one of the smartest joints in town. And simplicity was the key for Ciara & Adam. They didn’t really need too much fuss, so long as the two of them ended the day husband and wife having had a mighty fine day out. Prove in itself that its really not worth stressing about this that and the other sometimes when it comes to weddings. Just pop the kettle on and have a chill and a chat with your make up artist and photographer whilst the rest of Friday London goes about their business outside. Wait for your folks to turn up then pop a couple of corks before heading downstairs to meet your man waiting at the top of the aisle. Perfect!

I was only with these guys for three hours, and it whizzed by in all honesty. Time does that when you are in fine company doesn’t it? but just enough time to get the meat and bones of the day before heading off and leaving them to enjoy their dinner followed by cocktails and dreams. We were lucky enough to be able to sneak into The Beaufort Bar for photos without drawing too much attention or disruption before a quick jaunt outside and back in time for the family catch ups. They always say its best to leave your audience wanting more and I sort of felt that way about Ciara & Adam. Either way though, its a jolly fine way to spend a Friday afternoon.

As always, Victoria and her peeps at The Savoy were on top form to ensure that simplicity can still have style!

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