Syon Park Wedding

syon park wedding

Syon Park Wedding – Ruchi & Ayush

Ruchi & Ayush’s Syon Park Wedding was day two of their celebrations and lady luck was looking down on us and blessed us with some wonderful sunshine. Day one was the previous evening at The Westminster Boasting Base in town overlooking the Thames which provided a perfect pre-amble for what was to come. Its a long blog post this obviously but its well worth scrolling through so you get a real feel for what a wonderful celebration Indian weddings are.

At the risk of over simplifying proceedings somewhat, essentially we had a ‘English’ party on Sunday which took in dinner, speeches and party and on Monday we enjoyed the ‘Indian’ part of the celebrations which took in an outside (WOW it was hot) ceremony followed by speeches and Bollywood dance troupes. Not any old Bollywood dance troupes though, each group who performed was made up of friends and family of Ruchi & Ayush representing different parts of their lives. It was very well done in fairness and obviously a huge amount of effort and preparation had been dedicated to ensuring these two lovebirds could enjoy seeing their nearest and dearest cut shapes and moves that most of us can only dream of. Ruchi & Ayush actually finished off the ‘show’ part of the evening with a performance of their own to wow the crowds and whip them into mood for dance.

It matters not what day of the week you celebrate on, weddings come with the wonderful gift of timelessness so whilst we were here on a Monday and most plotted up to watch the England game on tv before an early night, in this sunny part of west London the floor was jumping and the music was pumping. Quite what they get up to on a Friday & Saturday is anyones guess but suffice to say it will accompanied by the widest of smiles and the warmest of hearts.

Much thanks and appreciation to the wonderful Julie Kim who rode alongside for the day.

“Still taking in all the photos, they are AMAZING”