Syon House Wedding

June 17, 2016


Syon House Wedding – Anna-Renee & Rondell

As with any Syon House Wedding, a large part of the attraction is the spectacular gardens that nestle around the house and conservatory so I was a tad worried on waking to see the deluge of rain we were ‘enjoying’ on the morning of Anna-Rennee & Rondell’s wedding. Fast forward to early evening and whilst we didn’t have blazing sunshine to accompany the second ceremony of the day (the blessing) we did at east have what the weather people call a ‘dry spell’.

Prior to this we had witnessed the Great Hall in all its glory as it played host to the civil ceremony. Its a great venue to shoot here as you can move around the top part of the hall largely unnoticed to get full coverage of both bride and groom whilst they are busy getting wed. Post ceremony guests were lucky enough to enjoy drinks in the long room before heading outside for the blessing conducted by their local pastor which lasted just long enough to remind us there was a nip in the air and dinner was calling.

Master of ceremonies Duane got the speeches off to a flyer with a  heartfelt account of his friendship with Anna-Renee allowing us to hear what a rock she can be to those in need. Rondell remained strong and silent with a smile of a lucky man permanently plastered on his face, however this coolness was under threat for a moment. Something had entered the room which was calling into question his mantle of the dude in the house. Was this a recording of him singing from years back? It was indeed, but to be fair to him, he took it all in his stride, with a  slightly wider smile and a twinkle in his eye which suggested he knew he was still the dude in the house, and no-one could argue.

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