Stylish London Wedding

stylish london wedding

Stylish London Wedding – Arran & Alex

A stylish London wedding thats for sure, and London does quite often seem to be the domain of the stylish in my experience. Now, before everyone starts jumping up and down, I fully appreciate the rest of the world does exist, as do stylish folk everywhere north, south, east and west of our globe, it is just that London has such an eclectic mix of cultures and faiths, style seems to be a manifestation and a resultant celebration of this.

“Oh WOW, what a wonderful dress” was my wife’s reaction on seeing photos of Arran in her wedding gown. Now, not having ever been a bride myself, I would imagine that is the sort of reaction that speaks volumes of ones choice of attire for your wedding. Ok, Arran has never met, or is ever likely to meet my wife, but equally ‘praise’ from relative strangers does hold a certain weight of authenticity I think. No real surprise that a designer by trade would sport such a stylish gown I suppose but I thought it was worth a mention nonetheless. And in light of my opening paragraph, it is worth noting that Arran is not from London originally but Ireland. She has just brought her style to the capital!

I was only with these guys for two hours as I was just there to cover the meat and bones of the day (the ceremony) really, but in that small slice of time I did get a feel of how strongly family features with Arran & Alex, and this was reflected by the fact that I think it was only their nearest and dearest in attendance. Small, quiet and intimate would probably be how the wedding brochure would describe it, however I think ‘family’ would be a better tag. A simple family gathering in a smart Mayfair London Wedding Photography hotel to celebrate two families becoming one.

And in line with the intimate theme and respecting the wishes of Arran and Alex, I am showing just the one image.