Stylish Corinthia Wedding

stylish corinthia wedding

Stylish Corinthia Wedding – Michael & Lauren

In all honesty most Corinthia weddings could be described as stylish but given the backdrop of colour and pizazz that was Gay Pride going on just 100 yards away, I think stylish is pretty apt as a description. Starting off and finishing at Corinthia London with a few stops in between we had the privilege of  both an Irish & Australian contingent to match the colour and noise that was going on in Whitehall.

Some weddings you turn up at and think “Yep, just take your pictures boy” and this was one of those. On my arrival in Clapham, I could hear the excitement from down the street and as Lauren and her spice girls were going about the bridal preps with the gusto you would expect. Full of fun, laughter and bubbles as well as the occasional sing song it really was a joy to witness before heading back into town to catch up with Mike and the boys in the local pub. This was going to be a good day.

Father Brian from back home in Ireland officiated a mighty fine ceremony in St James’s Church before the we all attempted to overcome the issue of getting back to Whitehall without being covered in glitter or becoming an entry in the late book. For myself and Dave (video dude) we ‘chose’ the rather unorthodox tactic of part taxi, part run (ok, fast walk) and part help from the local constabulary to ensure we hit the hotel before Lauren and Mike and their bus full of buddies did.

Penthouse & Lobby (Thank you Alexandra) photos followed before a slim James Corden took to the mike to introduce our newly weds to the fold where guests were busy playing a personalised game of Lauren & Michael Top Trumps. Some rather fine speeches played out post dinner and then it was time to party. I’m not sure whether the Irish or the Aussies won the dancing competition but either way the dance floor was full from track one and it didn’t look like emptying anytime soon. Great day spent with some mighty fine folk, and all pulled together by Mr Calm himself, Bruce Russell. Ably assisted by Maddie. Thanks go to not only these guys but to Alexandra from the Corinthia also for allowing us to momentarily take over the hotel lobby for some group shots.