Stationers Hall Wedding

December 24, 2017

stationers hall wedding

Stationers Hall Wedding – Clea & Damien

Being the last ‘party’ Saturday prior to Christmas, Clea & Damien gave their friends and family a fabulous Stationers Hall Wedding by way of an offering into the festive season. Bloody good fun weddings around this time of year time. You have the natural enhancement of peoples moods in general because of the upcoming holidays coupled with a genuine reason to celebrate without worrying about wearing a silly hat or pulling a cracker (ta da boom!).

I met Damien and his men and boy (their bonny son Arthur) just behind St Paul’s in Bread St whilst they tucked into a hearty pre wedding meal courtesy of Gordon Ramsey before skipping West some 500 yards to hook up with Clea and her crew in her hotel room overlooking the Cathedral as they put the finishing touches to all things bridal. Dad David popped in to shed a tear and a hug (with Clea, not me) before the last stop of the day saw us at Stationers Hall.

You never really know when children (or some adults) are due to be included in the formalities how it is going to go, but its safe to say that Arthur will now have photographic evidence that he did indeed perform his ring bearing duties for Mummy & Daddy with great aplomb. This added to an already special ceremony for Clea & Damien as it was conducted by one of their closest friends whilst being overseen by some of London’s finest.

So, all formality taken care of, these guys needed a feed. Tick. They needed to listen to some wonderful speeches. Tick. And they needed a mighty fine band to play the night away. Tick. At one point we had Clea leading the vocals for a seasonal sing song before the drum kit came calling whilst Damien joined in on lead guitar. As you will no doubt see from the images below, it was a bloody good party which ended with sparkling send off for a jolly admirable couple. Arthur had gone on ahead to ensure all was in order at home but its safe to say that the following morning all three would be glowing with contentment and reflecting on a wonderful day.

Mighty fine venue Stationers Hall by the way. Right in the heart of town, great event spaces and friendly and relaxed staff. Well worth a looksey if you are stuck for a venue in London.

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