Sexy Fish Wedding

sexy fish wedding

Sexy Fish Wedding – Natalie & Alex

A Sexy Fish Wedding! I think I can safely say that is the first time I have used that heading for sure, but thanks to Natalie & Alex, I can without hesitation or incorrect interpretation. No need for cliches or cheese either, it was a wedding at Sexy Fish.¬†Natalie is originally from the Ukraine and part of the beauty of shooting weddings in London is that you get such a diverse mix of clientele to work for. Ok, a wedding is a wedding the world over. Two people (usually) turn up and pledge their love and allegiance to each other and their nearest and dearest run off to celebrate. Equally though, you do always get a few traditions and rituals that are relevant to a region or nation or faith that helps to identify that wedding as such. Natalie & Alex’s ‘tradition’ or ‘quirk’ was their wedding date. With all those ‘000’s’ and “7777’s’ I thought James Bond was enquiring initially, however the relevance of this date is more to do with the date they got engaged rather then any 007 code breaking initiative.

We started off at the swish Mayfair hotel for Natalie’s preps before heading out into the London heat for the ceremony and pre Sexy Fish reception drinks at The Audley pub in Mount St. Once we got past the fascination that the registrar had with the beauty of Natalie’s dress, we were free to head out for some photos and the celebratory party of the day. We had speeches in Russian from English folk and speeches in English from Russian folk as well as all in between. I’ve never eaten at Sexy Fish myself, but if the heaving mass of people that were upstairs in the main area were anything to go by then they obviously do know what it takes to make a fish sexy. Natalie & Alex were downstairs in the calm and serene private dining area which is ‘bookended’ by two huge tanks which house the menu ingredients for our hungry newlyweds. Only joking! What these guys had, looked absolutely fab and a perfect aperitif to their post wedding breakfast party at Nobu.