Searcys Wedding

June 2, 2017

searcys wedding

Searcys Wedding – Claire & Ben (and Margo)

A Searcys Wedding yes, but also a 30 Pavilion Road wedding. You say Potato, I say Potarto. It matters not whichever description you use, the venue was the same and a mighty fine one it was too for Claire, Ben and Margo. I mention Margo because she is a big part of Claire and Ben’s lives and was witness in chief for their nuptials. Jolly well behaved she was as well. My dog could do with a bit of time in her company to learn some lessons me thinks!

Anyway, a slightly and rather refreshing departure from the norm here in that we shot the images of bride and groom before the ceremony. Claire was ready and looking spectacular and Ben extremely dapper so we set about shooting earlier rather than later. And not forgetting Margo of course! There is not many venues that would allow your dog to roam free I suspect, especially in a smart part of town, but 30 Pavilion Road is not your regular venue. As laid back as it is stylish, it suited Claire & Ben to a tee, and fitting in with the aforementioned departure from the norm, it was simply ceremony, champers and canapes before whisking off to the land of married bliss and a spot of sun seeking on the Amalfi coast.

So there you go folks, evidence indeed that you do not need the brass band of weddings with bells and whistles to ensure that style is in attendance, you just need the right vibe, the right venue and a dog called Margo and you’re set. Add in a splash of sunshine and three obliging nephews to orchestrate a confetti departure and you have that stylish London wedding box firmly ticked.

Thanks must go to the staff at 30PR as always who ensure its a pleasurable place to shoot each and every time.

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