Savoy Weddings Eleanor & Benjamin

October 14, 2015


Savoy Weddings – Eleanor & Benjamin

As with all Savoy weddings, the jewel in the crown is if you are lucky enough to gain access to the Beaufort Bar to grab a couple of photos, and luckily enough for me Victoria (from Savoy weddings) was on hand to facilitate a quick session for me whilst shooting Eleanor & Benjamin during their Greek/Jewish wedding celebrations just last week. Just last week I hear you shout! Why weren’t my photos up that quickly? Ahh, please read on lovely people, there are mitigating circumstances. Unfortunately Eleanor’s Father was unable to attend (apart from via FaceTime) so for the first leg of their honeymoon, they are popping over to Greece to see him, and being the soft chap I am I thought it would be rather fitting for them to be able to show him some images from the big day when they arrived there on Thursday. (see I told you there was a good reason was pulling out the stops!)

So what will he see? Well, he will certainly see how happy his daughter was that’s for sure, and that is enough to fill any parents heart. He will see plenty of dancing, both Greek & Jewish, as well as some other moves created by their guests from all over the globe. He will see how happy these two are together, and he will see what a mighty fine day they had. Benjamin finally got his speech written, in fact I think the ink was still wet by the time he took to the stage to deliver it, but it mattered not, you wouldn’t have known. The main thing was his said all the right things in all the right places and received hearty congrats for doing so. As for Eleanor, when she wasn’t on the dance floor (a very swish round one by the way) she was off pulling guests on to the dance floor!, and with a smile like hers, it was no surprise that few resisted. I think Benjamin tried but she got him there and by the time we reached home time, he was on the stage with the fab Sensation Band.

So there you go, that’s why the photos are up earlier than usual. Hopefully Eleanor’s Father will just skip my wordy bit and enjoy looking at the images as much as those in them enjoyed the day.




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