Royal Penthouse Wedding

royal penthouse wedding

Royal Penthouse Wedding – Nicola & Mark


A Royal Penthouse Wedding? Thats sounds very grand doesn’t it, however as any who get married at The Corinthia will find out, Hannah who oversees all things wedding there will have done her very best to try and ensure that one of the sumptuous suites is on call for a quick photo shoot. The jolly fine couple that are Nicola & Mark were lucky enough to be treated to a quick swish around The Royal Penthouse which as you can see from the photos, not only has rather splendid views overlooking the London Eye and the Thames, but also houses a rather funky mirrored dining room. It even has its own lift! A most agreeable way to spend the night in good old London town for sure.

Its not often that a bride is ready to roll with time to spare but Nicola (with the help of her Mum and her bridesmaids) was leaving nothing to chance with her bridal preps and consequently had ample time to enjoy something cold and bubbly before zipping downstairs to meet her man. He’s a bit of a cool cookie Mark, I couldn’t really tell whether he was nervous or not, but either way he was ready and waiting as Nicola sashayed down the aisle on her Dads arm.

Post penthouse photo time, it was dinner and speeches which included an slideshow of Mark dressed as a young lady on his stag do, posing like a supermodel on his bed from years ago, and a very moody shot of him on what looked like a private jet. Evidence indeed that his best men were intent on ensuring that his halo took a little bit of a knock in front of his nearest and dearest.

Party-time was led by a surprise appearance from a Frankie Valli tribute band which went down a storm and managed to get a few of the more mature in attendance a little hot under the collar to say the least. I would imagine Grannie is still getting over it! All mighty fine fun though and as always with a Corinthia wedding, you know you are going to get a dam good day out.

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