royal lancaster hotel wedding

Royal Lancaster Hotel Wedding – Aarun & Chetan

Actually, not just a Royal Lancaster Hotel wedding but that was our last port of call for Aarun & Chetan and their multi-celebration so it’s the most appropriate heading I feel. Aarun & Chetan have already featured on the blog a couple of weeks back just here for their civil wedding. Last week was the Indian element of their nuptials which for me, took in Chetan’s pre wedding party, the temple and the Royal Lancaster Hotel. As you will see from the first few images Chetan’s preparations take on a colourful vibe using not only turmeric but also that traditional Indian ingredient of good old fashioned tomato ketchup! I’ve shot a few of these over the years and I think it’s fair to say that Chetan has been the most ‘decorated’ groom thus far. Quite what his two brothers will get when their respective turn comes I have no idea but I suspect Chetan is already plotting all sorts.

After the Gurdwara service we headed out of town to Aarun’s family home for the Doli before turning east to Ealing for the ‘welcome’ ceremony which involves Chetan’s Mother attempting to drink milk seven times prior to their beautiful new daughter crossing the threshold to the family home. Further fun and games and a party (another one!) ensue to prepare folk for the glitz and glamour of the celebration ball the following day.

Talking of glitz and glamour, Hyde Park was treated to a show of such in the form of the Saturday versions of Aarun & Chetan (and families) as we took a stroll from the hotel to shoot some portraits in the Italian Gardens. Once done it was party time and bot can Punjabis can party! I would imagine they were still dancing to the drums come Sunday lunchtime. Bloody good fun though and a wonderful way to mark the end of a spectacular few weeks and more importantly the start of a fabulous life together.

“Amazing! Thanks Jez!”


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