Rosewood Wedding

November 20, 2018

rosewood wedding

Rosewood Wedding – Georgia & Cian

I do love a Rosewood wedding, I have shot some of my favourite weddings there and Georgia & Cian’s was no different. Full of life, colour and dam right fun. Add in a splash of glamour from our bride and groom and we were set up just nicely. Ok, once we got past how to create the perfect bow tie we were ready to roll and we headed to Spanish place and the church that is St James’s for our ceremony in the heart of the swish Marylebone neighbourhood.

Georgia & Cian met at the age of just 3 in nursery so to all intents and purposes thats as about as close to love at first sight as you can get I would imagine. To call them childhood sweethearts would probably be a tad ‘late’ as the die was already cast by the time childhood arrived on the scene. Suffice to say though I suspect they are pretty certain they were made for each other given the fact they must know each other inside out by now. No swiping right or left here my friends, these guys have played the long game and how wonderful it is to see that still exists and prospers in the modern day. (Cripes I sound like my Grandad now).

As with any Rosewood wedding you get an extra sprinkling of pizazz added to the mix but I get the impression with Georgia & Cian that they carry around their own supply wherever they go. You can always get a feel for a couple by how excited the guests are when they arrive for a wedding. Judging by the smiles, giggles and all round buzz of these guys guests I think it is a far assumption to say they are much loved and highly regarded. Either that or the bubbles on the bus en route from hotel to church had been working overtime.

Wonderful day, fab couple, sooper dooper venue!

“Love them so much, so happy with them, You’ve given us exactly what we wanted, over the moon!”


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