Rosewood London Wedding

December 15, 2016

rosewood london wedding Rosewood London Wedding – Tash & David

I may be wrong but I doubt any Rosewood London wedding has has a smilier bride than Tash the other Sunday. From the moment I turned up at her house at lunchtime until the moment I left The Rosewood past midnight I didn’t see her (or David for that matter) stop smiling. Mr David must be doing something right that’s for sure!  I’ve seen these guys at other weddings as well and they are the same, so I can assure you it wasn’t purely a wedding day haze that was responsible. Obviously it has a fair amount to do with it but I think its a lot to do with how these two roll. They are just life lovers. Full of energy and a jolly infectious enthusiasm they brought to their big day.

I photographed Tash’s sister Lucy’s wedding last year, so I had a fair idea of how buzzy the “z” family were going to be, and I was not disappointed. Excitement was in abundance obviously, but you can never fail to doff your cap to the close knit crew (not the curly crew)  they are all proud members of. Having two daughters myself, I think one day in the future I might have a word with Mr & Mrs Z to see what the magic ingredients are for producing such a team.

Second stop of the day was at the West London Synagogue for the formal responsibilities before we headed back through the London traffic to The Rosewood for celebration time. Thanks to Amanda from the hotel for facilitating a little pop up studio for the family shots and thanks also to Georgie & Daisy from RubyJ Events  for rocking the organisational side of the day. Not forgetting my wonderful wing lady Julie who as always was a pleasure to shoot with. All these thanks! Come on Man, its not an acceptance speech I hear you shout! Yes, yes I know but just one more and that must go to the stars of the day Tash and David. Keep smiling, keep laughing and keep curling!


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