Ramster Hall Weddings

April 2, 2014

ramster hall weddings



As a wedding photographer, it is a pretty fair assumption to say that you will have access to both bride and groom in the moments prior to the actual ceremony and it also a fair assumption to say that the brides excitement and anticipation levels are usually matched by the grooms levels of nerves and frequency of deep breaths. Emma and Rory displayed this to great effect on Saturday. Emma, at her parents house, full of beans and bubbling with joy, and Rory at The Royal Oak, a tad nervous. Both looking forward to the ceremony in equal measures, but due to their differing locations, shown in different ways. Once Rory hit the altar he was fine. As groom, from that point all you have to do is wait. I remember from my own wedding the very same feeling, “lets just get this started please”.

Apart from the odd bridal car breakdown, all went without a hitch. Until the Ceilidh dancing of course, but thats all part of the fun. People that think they can dance find out that they haven’t yet mastered their right from their left, and people that never venture onto a dance floor discover that with a little encouragement and direction  from the caller, they can in fact put one foot in front of the other without causing injury. As for photographing it, I figured the best way was to stay in the middle and let it all unfold in front of me!


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