Pynes House Wedding

February 10, 2018

pynes house wedding

Pynes House Wedding – Gabby & Andy

A quick jaunt to the South West and Devon was the order of the day to photograph Gabby & Andy’s Pynes House Wedding. And well worth the trip it was too. I sort of got the feeling when I initially met Gabby some 18 moths ago that this was going to be one to cherish and I’m pleased to say that turned out to be the case.

When you enter the driveway at Pynes House, you are welcomed by Italian Cypress trees (I think) either side of the road so by the time you hit the house you pretty much get the feeling you are in Italy. Given the fact that we had probably hotter weather than Italy and Gabby & Andy have chosen Tuscany as their honeymoon destination all the planets start to align and you get a real feel of what these two are about. Apart from being totally into each other they are bloody good company too. Gabby fizzes around her man and Andy admires his girl quietly but unreservedly so we needed to get these two married. Think open countryside, winding lanes and a village church with a smiley vicar and the picture will start to be painted pretty accurately before we headed back to Pynes House for all thing party. My plans to follow Gabby & Andy back down the driveway and get a shot of them zooming in all al fresco and convertible were thrown a slight curve ball by the fact that I hadn’t expected so much dust to be left by their trail. I should have known it wasn’t going to be a gentle amble into married life. These guys were full throttle, foot down and ready to roll, and that was pretty much the theme for the rest of the day. As I took my leave at the wonderful and excellent Old Dirty Brasstards had just wrapped up set one of their offering and folk were taking a breather. We needed one. It was hot, very hot, but boy was it good fun!

Mighty fine venue this by the by the way. Its a house that celebrates life and all the finer things it offers. Well worth checking out if you are thinking of hitting Devon for your ‘I do’s’. Planner Jo is the lady in the know should you need etc.

P.S Regular readers here will note that I always show faces over flowers and characters over cakes but as Gabby had spent a mere two years creating the wonderful paper flowers that adorned the bannisters I think I’m allowed to break my rules just this once.

“Thank you for sending these over so quickly, how wonderful”


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