Prince Albert Camden Wedding

prince albert camden wedding

Prince Albert Camden Wedding – Shelley & Campbell

Not Prince Albert’s wedding in Camden no. As much as this is one funky, cool place to get married, I’m not sure Mr Monaco would get down with the hipsters were he to get wed again. We had our own royalty in attendance anyway in the form of Shelly and Campbell all the way from Oz, and when you are the company of these guys you’re made to feel rather privileged anyway. Full of fun and energy and with son Micky J in tow, you get the impression these three are set fair for a fabulous future together.

I was thinking on my way home, out of the 500+ weddings I have shot, as to whether I have ever shot a ceremony in a pub. I am sure I have, I’ve done a couple of ‘clubs’ but then equally I cannot remember an actual pub, so maybe I haven’t. Either way though, it matters not. What matters really is that if you are thinking of having your own Prince Albert Camden Wedding you would be well placed to tick the box of having your ceremony there as well. On the money these guys at Prince Albert. Chilled but in control and with a smile and splash of friendliness also. Well worth checking out it your thinking of a unique wedding venue in London town.

Shelley & Campbell (and little Micky J) certainly matched the place as perfectly as each other. Just enough hip to be cool with a definite nod in the direction of family and tradition. I think we had around 30-40% of the congregation from down under so that is testament in itself to the regard in which these three are held. Either that or the Aussies were in need of some sunshine and London is doing well with that this year!

Anyway, its was one of those weddings where you don’t really need to read my blurb. Its all in the pictures. Fun, love family & party. Pretty much all boxes ticked I would say!