Notley Abbey Wedding – Stacey & Alan

June 4, 2014

notley abbey weddings



During the lead up to Stacey & Alans’ Notley Abbey Wedding, Stacey emailed me regarding confetti. I found it rather refreshing to learn thats whilst she wanted to get some confetti action, in no way did she wish for it to be staged or arranged. Ahhh music to my ears I thought, a bride that appreciates that what happens on a wedding day should be as natural as possible! Luckily I was able to capture them waltzing down the aisle whilst being covered by rose petals thrown by live people in a live environment! And no iPhones!

For anyone that has been to Notley, you will know its a dream of a house ( formerly Larry Oliviers pad) to get married in, however as we were treated to rather nice blue skies, we managed to go alfresco for most of the day before heading inside for party time. I’m not sure how many ceremonies actually get conducted outside each year in the UK, but there must be a fair few that go by the wayside due to weather etc. Certainly if Stacey and Alan had got married 24 hours earlier, they would have been in their wells! Sure they still would have the congregation singing along to “Higher’ by Jackie Wilson, but it wouldn’t have been as much fun!

Maybe it s because I have two daughters myself but I do think the dying act of the Father and Bride dance is still lovely to see. I think I probably only see it about once every three years now, but Kevin looked a proud as punch to cut some shapes with his daughter, and why wouldn’t he? Let have more Father and daughters dancing please!

Thanks to Gemma from Bijou for her help and smile on the day!


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