Noble Rot London Wedding

February 10, 2018

noble rot london wedding

 Noble Rot London Wedding – Isabelle & Marcus

Noble Rot London wedding is not your standard heading for a blog post but equally Noble Rot is not your standard London wedding venue really. Nestled just nicely in the middle of Lambs Conduit St towards the west end, it is actually a wine bar by trade (and a mighty fine one at that) but due to the fact that Isabelle and Marcus are regular patrons I think they were viewed as good stock as clients for the first Noble Rot wedding. Its is well worth a visit if you are taking a stroll down this swanky little street one lunchtime or early evening. Wine bar out front and restaurant out back, it has a very Dickensien feel to it. Lovely old London really. I have added an image below so you get a feel for it and the wonderful flowers provided by Worm London. Simple, elegant and English.

Keeping in line with the intimate and discreet nature of Isabelle & Marcus’s day and in accordance with the wishes of the happy couple I am showing just theses images. It is always a balance this ‘online viewable to the public’ issue, especially when you both have reasonably high profiles. I have shot plenty of weddings which have never seen the light of day (for either personal, security  or contractual NDA reasons) and others which have been  featured in magazines and seen on T.V. I know that a fair amount of brides get inspiration from looking at other weddings and I can understand that. Quite often I will speak with clients who make reference to a wedding they have seen on my blog or on my Instagram feed (although thats less so nowadays – What have they done to our beloved IG? All those dam ad’s and recommendations) so there is a merit to it for sure. Even when it is just a one or two images as that approach in itself holds credence. We can see that Isabelle & Marcus are blissfully happy and you can see why they chose Noble Rot as their venue.

noble rot london


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