Jess & Francesco - London

When your Father happens to be Irish fashion designer Paul Costello it stands to reason that you would ask him to design your wedding gown. And a rather spectacular creation it was too for Jessica when it came to marrying her beau Francesco in London.

As a world renowned opera singer herself it was no real surprise that Jessica & Francesco had chosen to grace their wedding vows with some rather spectacular vocal accompaniments. As I walked into the church pre ceremony and our aforementioned sopranos were warming up (not sure thats the technical musical theatre term) it was a positively spine tingling moment. Notes I could never dream of hitting emitted from the gallery above offering an ethereal atmosphere prior to the arrival of our red haired bundle of joy and love. Couple this with some angelic light that peeked through the stained glass and it was a wholly (or even holy) experience all round.

As with all London weddings a routemaster bus is pretty much the best way to transport you and your nearest and dearest around town, especially when you wish to make a pit stop at your old local in Chelsea for a few pints of the black stuff. I'm not sure how many of Francesco's Italian family and friends had sampled the pleasure of Guinness previously but it proved an instant hit and was the perfect aperitif for their sumptuous meal that awaited them up the road at Bidendum on Brompton Cross.

To further illustrate that the level of talent in this particular family runs throughout the fabulous artwork for the table designs was created by Jessica's brother William ensuring guests were left in no doubt they were in the company of creatives.

"I just went through the pictures with Francesco! They're amazing. Thank you!"

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