lion house wedding

August 10, 2016


Lion House Wedding – Catherine & Rahim

When I say Lion House wedding, technically it was a wedding but in truth for Catherine & Rahim (and Ginerlilly, Finley and Indianna) it was more of a family celebration/re-union/kids bonanza/wedding really. Having already got wed in their hometown of Hong Kong last year, this was the UK leg of the celebrations and I think its fair to say everyone was catered for. No matter what nationality, age or persuasion there was something for you. We even had our own kids entertainer to keep Catherine amused whilst she was getting ready.  And he wasn’t even the official entertainer, he turned up later, and I suspect after working this shift of 40 kids will never been seen again! Saying that though, they were a mighty well behaved group of 40 kids as you will ever see.

We had readings from Catherine & Rahim’s kids (G,F & I) to ensure the tears started early doors during the ceremony and that set the tone. In fact I’m not sure Rahim ever recovered from that as he was dewy eyed for the rest of the day. Maybe it was the thought of another sauna, mentioned by his best man, that kept the eyes watering but either way it was emotional.

Roaming musicians, balloon dancing (not that sort!) sweet trollies and limbo dancing were all on offer throughout the day as well as the odd tea ceremony and some rather fine food and wine as is always the case with The Lion. All of this contributed to a feeling of a rather smart family fete/garden party sort of vibe, which also happened to include a rather emotional wedding blessing. Not much else you could have asked for really, just a dam fine way to celebrate your nuptials surrounded by your nearest and dearest from the four points of the globe.

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