Lillebrook Manor Wedding

lillebrook manor wedding

Lillebrook Manor Wedding – Aarun & Chetan

Aarun & Chetan’s Lillebrook Manor wedding was(is) the first of a fair few days of celebrations so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for their smiley faces featuring over the next few weeks sporting different guises. As for the Lillebrook leg of proceedings we were al fresco all the way. Ok, at some points earlier in the day this looked not to be the case but sunshine and lady luck prevailed and we had a stormer of a day.

There is always an intimacy and warmth to Indian weddings and this was illustrated perfectly in the 12 minute show reel which was shown during the speeches in the evening. Featuring family and friends from each of their respective lives that has nurtured, influenced, loved and raised them over the years it was quite a beautiful touch that rendered 100 plus people speechless and silent (tears do not make any noise). When Chetan stood up afterwards and collected himself he merely said “That is what this is all about…you big family looking out for each other”. And that was it. In one moment the whole day and meaning behind the celebration was summed up perfectly. Knowing the family as I have done now for some 6 or 7 years I can vouch for the authenticity of his comments wholeheartedly.

Some of the best Dad dancing I’ve ever seen was on offer later in the evening as well as an impromptu limbo challenge (is there any other?) for those that felt they could still do the do and get up again. Sparklers sparkled and the boom boom got heavier and the dance floor became a place to ear your badge of honour. If you were still there at the end, still standing and ready for more then you qualified for the next stage of the celebrations. See you next week!