Landmark Hotel Wedding


Landmark Hotel Wedding – Rebby & Josh


So the first post on my shiny new website is the Landmark hotel wedding of Rebby & Josh. As you will more than likely have already noticed Rebby also stars as one of the header images on the home page. Looking as she did in her Ian Stuart Bride dress, I couldn’t not put her up in lights could I? Its such a lovely image. That’s not to say that Josh look like a dasher himself because he did but I am very aware that a lot of you girls view wedding photography websites to get ideas on dresses and looks and I think we can safely say Rebby nailed it!.

As you expect when photographing Jewish weddings, they are always full of energy, glamour and fun. I have spoken about this previously, but these guys certainly do know how to put on a celebration, and once the arrangement is done, they certainly know how to celebrate that celebration. Ably assisted by friend and colleague James who was second shooting with me for the day we had ample opportunity to get our toes trodden on and our rib cages elbowed whilst shooting the Isreali dancing set that welcomed Rebby & Josh into the ballroom. Quite how high you can physically throw someone from a sheet I wouldn’t know but at one stage I think Josh was pretty pleased the ballroom had a ceiling!.

Music and party time was provided by the always excellent Gilev band who provided the omph in between the speeches and ensured that no-one was allowed to avoid dancing the night away. Talking of dancing, it may look from the images that Rebby & Josh had two first dances, but the second of these was played out whist listening to an audio of Rebby singing the legend that is John Legend’s ‘All of me’ as a surprise to Josh. He had a stint at singing himself along with Rebby’s father but that was more fun and ‘industrial’ shall we say.

Thanks from me must go to The Landmark themselves for moving furniture so we could shoot some lovely family shots in front of the fireplace, as well as toastmaster to the stars Daniel and James for all their jolly hard work helping to ensure that Rebby & Josh really did have a Landmark Wedding!

So much so that The Times Newspaper has featured it right here:


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