Jewish Corinthia Wedding

jewish corinthia wedding

Jewish Corinthia Wedding – Sarah & Morteza

Ok, not purely a Jewish Corinthia Wedding because only 50% of this fab partnership that is Sarah & Morteza qualify but the title would have been way too long were it to be Jewish & Persian influenced Corinthia Wedding with the preamble of a civil service prior to a Synagogue blessing. I think we will stick with the handle we have! Starting in leafy Chiswick with Sarah and her crew, myself and video peeps (Jo & Apos) got an early glimpse of how Sarah and her folks roll. Dad Eric sure and steady in the background whilst humming some sixties tunes and cutting shapes whilst no-one is looking and Mum Ginny positively fizzing with F-word fantasia,fun and joy. Mix both personalities together and you get a Sarah! No wonder they all fit so well together.

On arrival at the synagogue we meet the Morteza massif who greeted Sarah and her folks with the warmth and love that signalled we had two fab families on our hands. Civil side of things was taken care of by one of my favourite London registrars (whose name I can never remember) before Synagogue side was overseen by the very same Rabbi that married the aforementioned parents of Sarah some years hence. So we had our cast, we had our stage and as you’d expect we had our leading roles played by our bride and groom. Post ‘travel interval’ we found ourselves at the ever wonderful Corinthia London who were playing host to the evening performance. Led on to the dance floor straight away by Eric & Ginny, guests barely had time to eat before they were up again for some Persian dancing before speakers corner was called. As I took my leave the dance floor was just getting a bounce which I suspect didn’t stop until sometime early Monday morning. Just dam good honest fun and frolics with boundless energy and love.

Thanks as always to Alexandra and the Corinthia crew for making it such a fab place to shoot!

Its worth taking a look at the video here by the way, most stylish!