Islington Town Hall Wedding

September 26, 2017

Islington Town Hall Wedding – Carolyne & Tom

As with any Islington Town Hall Wedding, you know bride and groom are going to be displaying a certain element of style and Carolyne & Tom were no different. No white dresses on show here folks, but a rather funky trouser suit! I’m sure Jenny Packham calls it something different but to an untrained eye such as mine, Carolyne sported a swish trouser suit. And she looked just fab! As for Tom, he played the role of the dashing French hero claiming claiming his London girl, proving that Brexit negotiations have no place in this alliance.

Post Islington, we headed into the City for some fine fayre in the form of Chateaubriand from the wonderful Hawksmoor in Guidhall. No fancy frills, flowers of wedding fluff here, theses folks were here to get fed. Looked bloody good as well the food. About as far from your standard regular wedding grub as you can get I would imagine. Carolyne & Tom made a joint speech in both French & English so whilst one half of the party was laughing the others were crying and vice versa. In fact when it came to Tom’s Father to make a speech I couldn’t work out whether his mother tongue was French or English it was done so well in both. Very inclusive and a jolly nice touch to boot. Rob (Carolyne’s brother) used the supporting cast of a Franglais power point show to continue this theme meaning no one was left high, dry and wondering.

Party time was to ensue and with a 2am curfew on the cards I would imagine Allez Le Bleu may well have been blasting out from the hallows of Hawksmoor at some stage during proceedings. Suffice to say yet again London has proved to be a wonderful cupid and long may it continue. Lovely company on a lovely day.

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