Intimate Savoy Wedding

intimate savoy wedding

Intimate Savoy Wedding – Becca, Steve & Family

I have an intimate Savoy Wedding as the title as you can see but this could also read an intimate and secret Savoy Wedding for it ticks both boxes particularly well. Originally when I spoke with Becca earlier in the year plans were afoot to ensure that there was a element of hush about proceedings with none of the guests being aware prior to the day that they were to witness these guys cementing their respective family units as one. And Becca & Steve had managed to keep this as such until the big day. With just close friends Colin and Jan in tow along with team LDJ (Liam, Daniel and Jasmine) to oversee things for Mum & Dad we were set.  We had our witnesses, (Colin & Jan), we had our bridesmaid (Jasmine) and we had not one but two best men (Liam & Daniel) operating under different guises depending on what specific responsibility was required at the time. All three children however were given the honour of bringing Mummy down the aisle to Daddy before Jasmine resumed as head bridesmaid leaving the floor open for ring bearers Liam & Daniel.

Mrs Registrar:

“Have you got the ring Daniel?”

Little bit of silence whilst worried 3 year old looks a smidge puzzled.


Cool as you like, Nope, not me, sorry, its probably in here somewhere, but I decided that carrying my toy gun was far more fun than the ring thing!

Thus ensued a rather calm but frenetic, laugh but worried couple of moments before Colin found the treasure parked just on the carpet over there. Daniel is only three and he can cover a lot of ground when Mummy & Daddy are busy getting married so it was with pleasant surprise, relief (from all) and joy that it was found so quickly and the ceremony could continue without a hitch.

Becca’s parents and pals arrived post ceremony right on cue having received their invites en route from home in Hampshire so now we were just an intimate Savoy wedding as the secret was out and lunch was served.

Amir and his (ok, The Savoy’s) very smart Rolls Royce were on hand to take in a few sights and photo stops before we arrived back in the strand for bath time and tea.

As a wedding photographer its always a privilege to witness folk in their finest moments. It is par for the course you could say, but equally that element of the ‘job’ should never be underestimated. Becca, Steve, Liam, Daniel and Jasmine will go on to have oodles of fine moments together because they are tight, they are together and they are one. They also happen to be mighty fine company so thank you for letting me in and thank you for not shooting me with Daniels gun. Have fun in Paris and have fun in life!

Special thanks must go to the lovely Tamara from The Savoy. A pleasure to work alongside as always.