Hurlingham Club Wedding

Hurlingham Club Wedding – Beth & James

Beth & James’s Hurlingham Club wedding was the culmination of a few days celebrations which started with their ‘engagement’ party some 48 hours earlier in Kensington. They were already engaged obviously but Nigerian traditional dictates that a ceremony takes place to mark the coming together of two families. It is a rather raucous affair but full of life, energy and love with the odd dollar bill thrown in for luck. And certainly some mighty good fun to whet the appetite for what was to come later.

So fast forward to Friday (from Wednesday) and we find ourselves at The Hurlingham Club for a ‘slightly’ more structured and organised ceremony which runs to the tune of some wonderful hymns and preaching of wisdoms form various religious dignitaries invited to both contribute and pay tribute to Beth & James. Some of the singing was so dam good it moved both our stars for the day to tears. No Spotify playlists here people, this was singing from the heart with soul and love, hitting notes that most of us could only dream of. Quite moving, in fact very moving. A real privilege to witness.

Now, it may have escaped some of you and your eagle eyes but Beth’s side of the now pretty large family are not in fact Nigerian, however give the way they are embraced the cultural aspects of James’s side of the brood you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise. When it came to the costumes, ok we can see differences obviously, but when it came to the dancing, oh let me tell you, Beth’s Mum & Dad can certainly claim their Nigerian dancing stripes for sure. And as for Beth, well she pretty much owned it lock stock and smoking ten barrels as she sashayed in holding the eye of mer man and his stooges big style. If she was gonna do this, she was gonna do it properly. Oh yes! I’m not 100% how many Hurlingham Club Weddings can claim to have been such a roaring cultural culmination success but this one certainly ticks the box. And amen to that!

“Just looking through them now and I’m in tears, I’m so happy with them”