Ali & Fred

For those of you that ever worry whether the weather will affect your wedding day please see the images below. Ali & Fred had pretty much four seasons in one day and I think it is fair to say they were in no way whatsoever going to let it hamper their enjoyment of what was a fabulous day. In fact in over 600 weddings I can honestly say the weather only had an influence twice. Once was in Lake Como when we had to wait 20 minutes for a storm to pass before continuing with the al fresco ceremony, and the second time was in London when we were hit by a snow storm around 20 minutes prior to the ceremony. On both occasions, as with Ali & Fred, bride and groom came away looking as happy as could be without caring one jot about what was going on in the skies above. It's certainly a very British thing to be obsessed by the weather isn't it, but when all is said and done there is a limit to how effective a sun dance can be so save your boogie woogie for the dance floor and look forward to enjoying your day whatever the weather.

Back in the land of Ali & Fred, deep in the heart of the English countryside we enjoyed a cracker of a day and whilst I could pen word after word I fully appreciate you are here for the pictures, so here they are.


"Ahh amazing! thank you soo much, these are fab!"

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