Hengrave Hall Wedding

August 17, 2016


Hengrave Hall Wedding – Stephanie & Phil

There is not many a Hengrave Hall Wedding that has witnessed a groom (and his best man)  arriving at the church courtesy of a vintage Vespa thats for sure. Couple that with that fact that it was the very same Vespa that his Father used to zip around on when he himself was just 21 years old and you can see why it was worth Phil ( he is a mechanic whiz) making the effort to lovingly restore it to its former glory for his and Stephanie’s big day.  And when I say big day, this was big day number two really because Stephanie and Phil had actually got married in the Garden house at Hengrave the previous evening so I would imagine the place had come to feel a little like home.

Big day number two wasn’t as blessed weather-wise as BD No1, but we were blessed in the form of a church ceremony and some spectacular singing from the vicar once proceedings were under way. Luckily the rain decided to fall during ceremony time so apart from the odd spot here and there afterwards we were home and dry. We even managed to get the cake cut al fresco style once the aforementioned Vespa had been retired for the evening after a spell of ‘zip around the courtyard rides’ for the kids (both big and little).  Phil even managed to persuade his new wife that a whiz around the grounds was the perfect way to mark the beginning of the first dance and party time. Dancers were dancing and grovers were grooving as DJMeister Dave and his decks of delights for the place rocking. Early as well! This lot were up for a party and amen to that!Too many weddings leave it too late to boogie. Fill the floor and fill it fast!

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