Elmore Court Wedding

December 24, 2015


elmore court wedding

Elmore Court Wedding – Jay & Tom

As with any ‘all in one place’ wedding, an Elmore Court Wedding allows you both the luxury of being able to get ready knowing that you only have to pop downstairs for your ceremony and it gives you adequate time to get ready for the aforementioned ceremony with all the star players ‘in house’. Jay was getting ready on the first floor with the girls and once Tom had written his speech, he got ready on the floor above. The fact that it rained all day therefore had no bearing whatsoever (apart from the folk who set the fireworks off later in the day). When shooting this as a photographer it means you can zip in and out of both ‘prep’ rooms at will to capture either side of the different genders approach. Tom was surrounded by his men which included Jason, who luckily was a rather dab hand at tying bow ties from scratch, whereas Jay was accompanied by Mum and the girls who were rather adept at applying those sticky things to your boobs to ensure your gown looks just dandy. I think that is what they are for anyway!

Once the ceremony was signed and sealed and a few drinks and canapes were taken, it was time for Jay’s Mum to make here speech, and considering how nervous she was about this beforehand, I thought she did a mighty fine job and managed to set the bar pretty high for when the guys took to the ‘Mic’ during the wedding breakfast. Its never easy celebrating without loved ones close by, weddings are emotional times anyway without the added pressure of holding it all together whilst thinking of those that have sadly left us but both Jay & Tom had a reminder of their respective Dads on hand as they looked on from the Christmas tree in the form of some jolly stylish hand made decorations.

Fireworks, both outside in the sky and inside on the dance floor were the evening entertainment and why not, they have a dam fine dance floor at Elmore Court. Just add some Christmas sparkle and you’ll have those funky ‘mud’ walls rockin around the.. you know the rest.

Happy Christmas!

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