Umar & Dena

Dorchester Hotel as a note in your diary always always adds a bit of a spring to your step and the wedding of Uma & Dena was no different. Having already got married a couple of weeks previous, this was time to party and celebrate with their nearest and dearest and what way to do it. Dena was accompanied into the ballroom not only by her Father but also around twenty drummers so Uma had no excuse were he to say he didn't know she was coming. With eyes only for each other amidst the drum beats and fireworks, it was clear to see that these guys weren't going to be easily distracted from from one another.

That theme continued throughout the evening and was highlighted when invited to the dance floor by the belly dancer, they ensured they were sticking together. "Yep, sure we'll hit the floor with you baby, but we aint going solo with that belly wobbling of yours!" And who could blame them? If you are not into your showing off, this is one pursuit that isn't for you. So quite rightly our super stylish couple maintained their dignity and appreciated the moves from a safe distance. Cute little miss flower girl had a think about joining in at one stage I think but decided to follow the example set by our bride and groom.

That being said though, once we lost our star turn for the evening Umar & Dena proved they are no shrinking violets when it comes to breaking out the moves and thus led the party long into the night proving that style is best served up with your clothes on.

The Dorchester Hotel as always provides a wonderful backdrop to such fabulous celebrations and thanks are due in no small part to Valentine from the hotel who was on hand to oversee without being seen (the best events folk always do this so well)

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