Documentary Wedding Photography

April 28, 2017

documentary wedding photography

Documentary Wedding Photography – Victoria & Tim

Although its headed documentary wedding photography, for Victoria & Tim’s day I could have added archery & clay pigeon photography to the mix for thats how the wedding day started. Down in sunny (and hot!) Somerset for the weekend Victoria & Tim’s guests were not only invited to a little wedding preamble the night before in one of the houses on the St Audries’ Estate, there was also an open invite for those that wished to be up bright and early to partake in some archery and general gunnery. Given the almost tropical climate that had descended for the day I think it was a close call between those that wished to just catch some morning rays whilst chillin’ and those that fancied shooting the breeze in a literal sense of the word. Either way, local gun master Brian was on hand to help, cajole and ensure that all was in order before all things wedding got under way.

As a photographer, one of the benefits of bride and groom getting ready in the same property is that you can flit between the two, not only offering ‘status’ updates to each respective wedding ‘player’, but you do get more of a feel for the day and the folks that mean the most to each. Tim with his men and their sock selection of pink or yellow and Victoria serene and in control the other end of the house. She does plan events for The Savoy Hotel, so its no surprise she was on the money when it came to arrangements and timings.

Ceremony-wise we all headed over to The Orangery to witness little nephew Oscar act as ring rescuer in chief by speeding down the aisle to deliver the rings sports car styley. Once signed sealed and delivered, the sun was out the corks were popped and the party began. Father of the bride Malcolm opening the speeches set with a creation that was half way between duties being met and a stand up routine from the comedy store. Good value he was too! The bar had been set quite high, but fear not, Tim and his men met the challenge with aplomb and continued the high spirited feel throughout the rest of dinner before boogie-woogie took over. A mighty fine day out all round.

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