After officially getting married at Chelsea Registry Office on Thursday, Davin and Guy flew over to the rather chilled hamlet of Saussignac for their French wedding at the splendid Chateau de Fayolle. Celebrations started in earnest in the village restaurant on Friday night and carried on right through till Sunday.

Destination weddings always offer a fresh perspective and a chance to meet all and sundry in any situation. Whilst trekking up the hill from my Bed & Breakfast on Saturday morning, I was greeted by a toot-toot and an offer of a lift by the restaurant owner from the night before. Not sure you would get that in Blightly!  Anyway 27 degrees and a stunning venue. What more could you ask for? Friends and family had flown in from all over to see the ceremony take place in the ‘on site’ Chapel. This place has been here since 1450 and that  is where the locals used to worship.

Apart from a couple of  faintees’ during the ceremony everything was in order before some rather suspect dancing took place to the tunes of  George Smith and his band. If you are ever thinking about getting married in France then I can fully recommend this band of cheerful chaps to provide your entertainment for you.

In fact should you wish to book a wonderful venue for them to play in then speak to Susie or Laura from Chateau de Fayolle who ensured that all was as it should be for not only Davina & Guy but guests and supliers as well.  

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