Corinthia Wedding


Neda & Saj Р Corinthia Wedding

For Neda & Saj, the Corinthia wedding may well have been the pre-amble to their celebrations in France, but when these guys get together there is noise! And when I say noise, I mean the babies were issued with ear muffs as a safety precaution! We started off at Chelsea Town Hall, and whilst there were some whispers and whooping, it was nothing compared to the reception given to Neda & Saj on their arrival at The Corinthia. It was so good they did it three times!

In between Chelsea and The Corinthia, we took a de-tour to Deans Yard in Westminster for for couple shots. I think this is the first time I’ve ever shot a couple at the exact location where they met. In the schoolyard! Yep, with a smile and a jolly generous security guard we were allowed to sneak back into the school yard and make the most of the wonderful back drop of Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. The shot above was actually taken because they have a photo of themselves in the very same spot from their school days. I doubt they will have looked as sassy and smart as they do here but it was a nice touch nonetheless. As you will no doubt notice Neda is literally a bubble of energy and laughter and whilst I only spent 4 hours in their company, it was a mighty fine way to spend an afternoon.

Much thanks must go to Hannah and her peeps from The Corinthia who embraced the noise and jolity and ensured all could enjoy it to the max.