Corinthia Whitehall Wedding

corinthia whitehall wedding

Corinthia Whitehall Wedding – Yekta & Samir

It is always a delight as a photographer when meeting your clients, that they prove that your instinct was correct, and you have been lucky enough to land another tip top couple to shoot for. Yekta & Samir are such a couple. Having spoken a few times on the phone with Yekta, I fully expected a fun and joyous wedding to have been laid on and this was just that. Situated firmly in the family first category, these guys celebrated in style at the swish Corinthia London and ensured it witnessed another great wedding party.

Once we got past my awful pronunciation of some of their family members and guests during the ‘formals’ it was off for a wander and some photos. Yekta wanted some ‘green’ in her photos so ably assisted by her sister Yalda (dress holdy up duty) we all managed to catch some of the best weather of the day in the park at the bottom of Whitehall before heading back into the cushion of their guests. Speeches were split in a before, during and after the meal fashion and in all fairness they all did a mighty fine job. A perfect balance of not too many tears and plenty of laughter acted as an aperitif to party time, and once the cake was removed from the dance-floor it was hit by the heels and soles of plenty. On show we had some good dancing, some less so, and also some traditional Persian dancing thrown into the mix so everyone could join the boogie in whatever guise they wished. As I took my leave the faces were getting a little redder and the ties were getting a little lower but the smiles remained broad and the energy remained high so I would imagine the planned 01:30 finish would have been a doddle.

All jolly good fun, captured not only by myself but also by my wonderful wing lady for the day, Julie. Thanks as well are due to Corinthia Whitehall as always but the biggest thanks points in the direction of Yekta & Samir for leaving us be and letting us do our thing. Enjoy the photos.