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Corinthia London Wedding – Jenny & Matt

I use the heading Corinthia London wedding because Jenny & Matt’s wedding was a jolly international gathering. A sort of United nations of weddings if you like. Jenny & Matt live in Washington DC, but originate from the UK, well Jenny does but Matt doesn’t. He is from Baltimore but most of his pals are from Japan whereas Jenny’s family are from blighty but spent 30 years in the Canadian Navy. I would imagine the collective air miles alone would have seen you round the world a few times over. Either way they all landed in London town on time (nearly) to celebrate their wedding blessing in style. London being London there was another march going down to close all the roads and generally make things awkward for folk that just wish to go about their daily business without the need for flag waving. Quite what these marches achieve apart from swelling the coffers of London’s cafes and bars I really don’t know, but hey ho marching on.

Whilst all this was going on Matt and his buddies drunk some rather fine Chivas Regal whisky and Jenny and her supporting cast made the most of their suite before proceedings got underway courtesy of the local (to Jenny’s family) vicar Neil. Having only travelled down from Herefordshire and without the use of air miles Neil completed the circle of ‘Dunn’ girls as he previously conducted the ceremonies of Jenny’s sisters (no, I don’t know where they are from, but I seem to recall Australia getting a mention).

The fact is though, whichever corner of the globe you come from two things are for certain. First and foremost London will have a march going down and secondly, in the event of the aforementioned march ever considering affecting your wedding, its always handy to have a Hannah (Corinthia) on board to keep the ship sailing and the sailors singing.

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