Corinthia Hotel Wedding – Catriona & Tom



As with any Corinthia Hotel Wedding, you know they’ll do their best to lay on some sunshine and Catriona & Tom were no different. Bit fresh and breezy in their horse and carriage back from the ceremony at St Etheldredas I would imagine, but beautiful winter sunshine nonetheless. A day packed full of surprise started with finding Tom enjoying some wedding morning pampering. Being the thoroughly modern man that he is ensured his preparations were taken care of ¬†downstairs by the staff at Danial Galvin, whilst Catriona remained chilled and serene upstairs before departing for church.

Now I know there is a joke somewhere about how many people can you get in a mini, but we had the Italian version as Tom and his men packed themselves into a rather splendid Fiat 500 before the aforementioned car returned to The Corinthia to pick up Catriona and her Father for their turn in the vintage classic. This was a surprise for Catriona’s Father as he and Mary used to drive one back in the day.

Actually, looking at it now, Catriona seems to be responsible for most of the surprises. Not only did she ensure Tom’s nails and hair were trimmed to within an inch of their life, and her Dad could speed through central London dreaming of days gone by, she also shocked Tom (and all the guests) with a singing serenade straight after the cake was cut. That was all before some rogue guests took over the singing mantle in the shape of Incognito who literally brought the house down with a stunning performance to ensure party time was kicked off in style. By the time I left, the dance floor was still packed and the boogie woogie was going with a swing. Well done Catriona for keeping everything and everyone in the dark about her surprises and putting on a day that both Mum’s would have been proud of.

What was not a surprise however was that it all ran smooth as silk, thanks largely to super sleuth Claire from The Corinthia who ensured those that needed to know knew and those that didnt need to know didn’t. I confused myself there.


corinthia_hotel_weddinggroom getting ready courtesy of danial galvinbridal preparations corinthia hotel londoncorinthia_hotel_weddings_0005corinthia_hotel_weddings_0006corinthia_hotel_weddings_0007bride getting ready for corinthia hotel weddingcorinthia_hotel_weddings_0009corinthia_hotel_weddings_0010bride arriving at st etheldredascorinthia_hotel_weddings_0012corinthia_hotel_weddings_0013corinthia_hotel_weddings_0014corinthia_hotel_weddings_0015corinthia_hotel_weddings_0016corinthia_hotel_weddings_0017corinthia_hotel_weddings_0018corinthia_hotel_weddings_0019corinthia_hotel_weddings_0020bride and groom arrive at corinthia hotel londoncorinthia_hotel_weddings_0022bride and groom outside corinthia hotel londoncorinthia_hotel_weddings_0026corinthia_hotel_weddings_0027corinthia_hotel_weddings_0028with love from the corinthiacorinthia_hotel_weddings_0030corinthia_hotel_weddings_corinthia_hotel_weddings_0032corinthia_hotel_weddings_0033corinthia_hotel_weddings_0034corinthia_hotel_weddings_0035corinthia_hotel_weddings_0036corinthia_hotel_weddings_0037corinthia_hotel_wedding_receptionbride and groom at corinthia hotel wedding receptioncorinthia_hotel_weddings_0040corinthia_hotel_weddings_0041corinthia_hotel_weddings_0042married at the corinthia hotel londoncorinthia_hotel_weddings_0044corinthia_london_reception_corinthia_hotel_weddings_0046corinthia_hotel_weddings_0047corinthia_hotel_weddings_0048incognito_artistscorinthia_hotel_weddings_0050corinthia_hotel_weddings_0051corinthia_hotel_weddings_0052corinthia_hotel_wedding_bride_groomcorinthia_london